About CGCT



General ChairProf. H. Fujioka,The University of Tokyo


Crystal materials such as single crystals and polycrystals are supporting the highly developed modern society from the root. Therefore, the academic and technical development and advancement of crystal engineering are extremely important as a basis for sustainable society. Not only improvement of semiconductors, laser crystals, nonlinear optical crystals, piezoelectric crystals etc. which are supporting the electronics industry, but also development of new crystals and growth technologies is one of very important key issues in correspondence to the energy and environmental problems which become increasingly serious by global scale. Research on blue LEDs and blue semiconductor lasers which won the Novel Prize in physics in 2014 is one of such R&D activities started from the 1990s.

About CGCT

This conference aims to gather scientists and experts from around the world in Asia, which is considered as the center of crystal growth research, to promote academic understandings of this field through fruitful discussions about the most advanced science and technology and to contribute to a sustainable society by promoting industrial utilization of various crystalline materials.

Brief History

The First Asian Conference on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology (CGCT-1) was held in Sendai, Japan in 2000 under the initiative of the No. 161 Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). After that, six conferences have been held in Seoul, Korea (2002), Beijing, China (2005), Sendai, Japan (2008), Suntec, Singapore (2011), Jeju, Korea (2014), and Changchun, China (2017). Following these, the eighth conference (CGCT-8) will be held in Japan.

However we prepared the conference in Miyazaki, Japan in October, 2020 at first, we changed the venue and period of the conference as Fukuoka, Japan on March 1-4, 2021. But the world situation regarding infection by the virus will not converge at all after that, we finally decided to have this conference as an on-line conference.

Expected Benefit

The first-line researchers in the field of crystal growth and crystal technologies are expected to gather from around the world and discuss about the most advanced technologies and topics. Discussions in this conference will give participants important information and knowledge about crystal growth and characterization techniques. Especially, by mutual discussions of topics and feedback made by researchers in crystal growth fields and researchers in application fields, comprehensive development in whole the field which treats crystalline materials is expected. These activities will become a basis of sustainable development of modern society. In addition, as a ripple effect of this conference, since researchers from around the world exchange their own ideas it can be expected to construct cooperation systems for R&D including international collaboration to promote human exchange. Such cooperative systems are very useful for problems that require global effects such as energy and environmental problems. Finally, through encouraging the participation of young researchers, we can expect to succeed in crystal growth technique and foster young researchers also acquire an internationalized sense. As general chair, I would very appreciate if many people join this meeting and enjoy fruitful scientific discussions.