Special Issue based on selected papers presented at CGCT-8

Authors who have a paper accepted for oral presentations at the 8th Asian Conference on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology are invited to submit manuscripts for consideration for publication in the conference proceedings. Only work actually presented at the conference and that has not been published, nor is in press, or submitted for publication elsewhere will be considered for inclusion in the Proceedings.
The conference proceedings of CGCT-8 will be published in the Journal of Crystal Growth as fully peer-reviewed papers. They will be published in a regular issue upon acceptance and further assembled into a Virtual Special Issue together with all other CGCT-8 accepted papers. This on the one hand ensures speedy publication, on the other hand all papers presented in the conference can be easily found together in the special issue online.

Important: please read the below details before submitting your paper.

Authors with accepted abstracts are encouraged to submit their paper according to the below instructions.

The submission site will be opened on February 1, 2021 and closes March 24, 2021.

Early submission is highly encouraged in order to ensure a speedy publication of your paper.

How to submit your paper:

Papers, prepared according to the author guidelines, should be submitted before March 24, 2021. Early submission is strongly encouraged.

The steps to take to submit your paper are given below:

  1. Please click the link:
  2. Log into your J. Crystal Growth author account or create a new account, if you do not yet have one.
  3. Click “Start New submission
  4. Be sure to select “VSI: CGCT-8”, from the issue drop down menu. Only then will your paper be published in the proceedings. Otherwise it may end up in a regular issue but not the Virtual Special Issue.
  5. Submit your paper
  6. Please do not forget to mention in your cover letter:
    • The fact that this is a paper meant for the special issue based on CGCT-8
    • The reference number of your accepted abstract, especially if the title of the paper is not identical to the submitted abstract.
  7. The normal length of manuscripts is on average 6 pages in print. However, there is no strict limitation and, if the description of your results requires more space, you can submit manuscripts of which length exceeds 6 pages (Maximum 10 pages in print).
    Please also refer to the “Guide for Authors” of J. Crystal Growth.

If during submission of your manuscript you encounter difficulties, please contact the support desk: Elsevier Support Centre or our journal manager at

Review process

The review process will be according to the standards of J. Crystal Growth relying on two reviewers. So your paper will be fully peer-reviewed.

The review process will be managed by the team of guest editors:

We will do our best to ensure a speedy publication of high-quality papers. Our goal is to finalize the process by October 4, 2021. Your help in achieving this goal by submitting early (and maybe responding quickly to review invitations) will be highly appreciated.